Monday, July 10, 2017

My last area......?

Previously on Missionary 101: Tokyo
   "Elder Rogers, you're going to be transferring to Okegawa."
   "Ooooooohhhhhh!!! *surprised gasps*"
What will this mean for our poor confused hero? Will he sink or swim in the not too big city? Will his companion understand him if he only speaks Japanese? Will this be the final stage in our hero's journey, or is there more yet to come? Find out now!

      So anyway, enough drama. I moved to my new area safely and I'm follow up training Elder Christensen! He's transfer 2 but I didn't get him at transfer 1 so I'm not his real dad. I'm his mission stepdad. I don't speak English to him by the way. Only Japanese. He likes it though. I think. He hasn't said otherwise, in Japanese because that's the only language I speak. Hahahahahah! We had a lot of miracles so far. We housed into a lady that knew the Sister missionaries so she gave us some vegetables. They were delicious. We also ran into a Chinese guy on the street and this time I DID speak Chinese! I didn't even know I could do that! Plus a bunch of other cool stuff that was equally cool but I won't write. Don't want to spoil everything and have nothing left to talk about when I get home. Lol.
      Anyway, I'm super happy to be here, working hard in the oppressive Japanese summer. In pants and a tie. All day. Getting an awesome farmer's tan that I'm actually quite proud of. But seriously, I'm so happy to be out here and happy to be working hard. The harder I work and he more beat I am by the time I get home and pass out on my futon, the bigger my smile is. It sounds weird to a lot of people but it's true. I feel great wearing myself out in the service of others and the service of my God. Nothing has brought me more joy in my life thus far and I love every minute.

Elder Rogers

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