Monday, July 24, 2017

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Alright, highlight reel of this week.
     We went finding. A lot. I'm pretty tan. I'm Tanner. Ha.
Alright enough of that.
      We met some firefighters for a check up of the church and they were cool. We rode our bikes out of the city and into the rice fields and I calmed down so much, and realized how much the city stresses me out and tenses me up like a spring. Anyway, if I need to go calm down we can always go proselyte to the farmers. It worked before!
     We had a Zone Blitz and I went back to my bean area, Sakado. Things were mostly the same. Except that it was summer instead of winter and the giant Pachinko(slot machine building) was gone. It's been like over a year and a half since I've been there so something was bound to change. I thought I'd get PTSD going back there but it was actually fine. It wasn't awesome but it was ok.
     We had a District Meeting and the Zone Leaders came down to participate this time. I'm their favorite District Leader. Probably because I'm so fit, and strangely charismatic😆. Anyway we all learned a lot and we're ready to go out and work hard! So we did and we sweat a lot and got good farmer's tans and learned not to put flyers in our shirt pockets because you just end up getting them a little moist... Point is, we work hard here in Okegawa!
     On Saturday we went to our little piece of Tokyo called Omiya. It was packed with people and I didn't know what to do because usually finding meant looking for where the people are, not just having three thousand people right there. So I struggled but were figuring it out. We just talk to a lot of people and do our best. It's faster paced than I'm used to but it's good.
     On Sunday I got to Skype in to Kisarazu to congratulate a recent convert on their baptism and gift of the Holy Ghost. His name is Aoi-kun and I used to be his primary teacher. That was a log while ago for a kid so when I called it looked a little like he didn't recognize me. I'm still not sure he knows who I am but oh well. The rest of the people knew who I was and it was good to see them. There was Takashi, then Tanda Kyoudai, then I wanted to see the Higashis' baby but they were in a meeting, then Elder Atkinson went and got Yi Shimai and it was just cool to see everybody. Jonivar was not there unfortunately. He was at work? I think. Japan will do that to you sometimes. But seeing at least a few of my best friends was really good after so long. I think it's been like 8 months since I've seen them. There was a bunch of people, bad connection, and screaming happy kids so not much conversation got through but it was still good. Tomorrow is interviews with the Naganos and I'm excited to talk to them. I love my special 10 minutes with them because I always walk away feeling so special. They believe in me and it feels really nice to have someone counting on me. It gives me motivation to not mess it up and let them down so I'm grateful for their high expectations.
     Well th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!
Elder Rogers

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