Monday, June 19, 2017

We moved

     So first off the Sisters got emergency transferred because 2 other Sisters were sick and went home. So we asked if we could have their apartment and President Nagano said yes! It's way closer to the church and it's in the middle of the city so it's super convenient. It's way nice too.
      Anyways, not much happened this week. We taught a guy who was standing outside in his underwear the Plan of Salvation. That's all I'll say about that for now. We're meeting again later. We also got fed a ton of sushi and other stuff by a nice guy named Josh. He's way cool and always helps us teach our English classes. Unfortunately he will probably be returning to the states soon. But it'll be good for him. We went to a Flower garden for hydrangea flowers and it was way pretty.
      It's short but tats about it for this week.
         Love you all!
         Elder Rogers

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Last Temple Trip

This week felt really long. Last Monday feels like 2 weeks ago.
     So last week we went to Zone Pday and I didn't write what we were doing because I didn't know. Well, we ended up making armor and weapons out of cardboard and fighting in the gym. It was "Lamanites vs Nephites" and just like the last battle in the Book of Mormon, the Lamanites won. That's too bad. But I was actually on the Lamanite team and we kicked butt. It was pretty fun. That night a king fu teacher came and taught us. It was way fun and fast paced. We're not allowed to hit each other or anything but he went toe to toe with me and told me to block. Then he preceded to punch at me and miraculously he didn't hit me at all. Then he realized that we weren't supposed to hit people or get hit and he stopped. It was cool.
     We taught our kids English class again and the Sisters taught the kids while we taught the moms. It went really well. The only problem is that they emergency transferred the Sisters this week so now it's just us. We probably won't be able to run a class with that many kids and just 2 of us. So there's a possibility that that class might end up dying. We aren't sure yet. One good thing that came from the Sisters leaving is we got all their food, including a really expensive steak. I cut it in half and my companion actually ate it. It was so good. Other than that we're just really sad the Sisters are leaving. Since they're leaving, my District became just me and my companion. That was a problem so they made me co-District Leader with another Elder and combined our Districts. It's weird but I guess it will work.
     We went to an English activity at a high school this week and talked about World issues in English. I don't really like talking about world issues for a few reasons. One, I have no idea what's happened in the last year and a half. Two, the kids always have weird opinions on things. Three, lots of other stuff. But all in all it was good and at the end they made a hallway of students to high five us on the way out. We also went to the English club at Ibaraki University and it was fun. We talked a lot and my group laughed and had a lot of fun. Then we took some of them out to eat again and had a good time.
     This family that really likes us asked if we could hang out on Sunday and after explaining our rules for the Sabbath we told them we'd love to. Well, they load us up in the car and take us to a park. Except it's not the kind of park they said it would be, it was an amusement park with roller coasters and everything. They're so nice BUT even if it wasn't Sunday we couldn't have gone in. So we reexplained our rules and for some reason it just didn't quite click until we repeated it like 20 times. Eventually she got that we don't make other people work on Sunday and that by entering the amusement park we would cause someone to work. So we went to the beach instead and kept the commandments. There was a wedding going on down the beach and people were taking lots of pictures because it was a beautiful day.
     I'm so grateful for my mission and all the good it's done for me. I'm also grateful that I still have 5 months left to serve the Lord full time. It really is a huge blessing and has been "the best 2 years" so far.
      Elder Rogers

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When you want the lion to do something, put little kids in front of him.

     So this week I don't remember much of so if it seems short that's because so is my memory.

      So we took a formerly less active to Institute because his mom won't let him go unless we do and it was pretty interesting. They study out of the marriage guide. These things have been happening with growing frequency over the past couple of transfers. Lol. The teacher said I was pretty smart for someone who's never had a girlfriend. I've had much better practice; companions that I'm not in any way attracted to. If I can put up with them, I can find ways to get along with someone I do like.
      We taught a ton of English classes this week. We started a Children's English class and a ton of people came! There were like a million kids and parents so we ended up making two classes so we could teach the parents too. It was cool. I like the cute little Asian kids. (:
      We also had splits with the Zone Leaders and it was fun. We talked to a lot of people all night and found a super strong high schooler who does shot put. He can throw it far enough to qualify for nationals! Anyway, he wants to meet and learn about church this week.
      We went to Ibaraki University and participated in the English club. While there I found two kids who were Christian but didn't go to church. They asked where ours was so they could give it a look sometime. Then we got Indo curry with them for dinner.
      My companion, Elder Talbot, made friends with a young family that we met at an English Activity and they like him so much at they invited us to come to the zoo with them. It was a free entrance day so we didn't even have to spend any money! It was pretty cool and the kids were fun. They kept running all over the place so it was good they brought us so we could chase them down and watch them. Tricky family.
      And that brings us to today, Zone Pday! We're going to the Zone Leaders' area to do.......something. They didn't say what. We'll do.......something and then spend the night because we live really far away and tomorrow is Zone Conference.
      I didn't take much pictures because my area is mostly rice fields (still look really cool) with a HUGE city in the middle. It's just rice as far as you can see and then BOOM! giant city. We've spent all our time in the city so far and it's my most populated area. Even though everybody else thinks it's the tanbos. Just goes to show that when you get called to the Japan, Tokyo Mission it doesn't mean you'll be in the city.
      Love you all!