Wednesday, July 26, 2017


So this week I don't remember more than a few events but here's the quick run down.

      First, we went to a big hill with an investigator family for fun sliding down it. We raced and had a great time and taught the mom on the car ride back while grandpa drove so she could listen. That was really scary by the way and we almost died several times so the mom decided it was better that she drive from now on. We unanimously agreed. Anyway, the first surprise was that a girl there fell in love with me in like 30 seconds and really wanted to hang out so she invited me over to her house. She's 3 years old by the way, I just think it's funny to make you all freak out for a couple seconds before you read the next sentence. Hahaha!
      Surprise #2! We were invited to an activity with a member that we didn't have much information about but basically what we thought was happening was we were going to go with this grandma member to a neighboring city and teach her friends. We have to skip District Meeting to do this so we feel a little bad but since we'd be teaching someone we knew it would be worth it. Well, it wasn't like that. Surprise! We got there and the member was like, "were actually volunteering to give some people I don't know a tour of this city that I don't know. And they're Filipino so it's in a language I don't know either." So basically she brought us along to give a tour of a city we didn't know to some strangers because we speak English and Japanese. Surprise! We didn't know anything about the area so we found a map and basically just walked around looking for cool stuff. We took them to a JAXA museum, which is Japan's NASA, and it turned out ok. We spent most of the day out walking in the sun which really didn't help with Surprise #3.
      I got food poisoning! First time in my life too. I'll spare the details because it was nasty but I ate something bad, ruminated it in my belly by walking in the sun, got sick, and lost a few pounds. I'm fine now. I slept on the church's couch while my companion and a recent convert taught some awesome lessons that resulted in a family coming to church!
      At church one of the speakers talked about bravery and helping others. It made me painfully realize how selfish and prideful I actually am. Which is fine to know because now I can work on it. I just need to not compare myself to others and instead focus on doing everything I can to help them. It really does help to look out from yourself and your own inadequacies and just focus on what you CAN do to help someone else in need. I've been looking at things wrong recently; focusing on improving myself so that I can help others but putting the focus on myself first. There are things we all can do without having to wait until we reach a certain point. Everyone can start from where they are right now and lift someone in need. There's no rule that says you have to be perfect to do good things. Anyone can do good things that can help someone else. So I just want to make sure that I, and anyone around me, know that we can start making a difference now. Elder Rogers

Monday, July 24, 2017

Insert title here (I don't know what to call this)

Alright, highlight reel of this week.
     We went finding. A lot. I'm pretty tan. I'm Tanner. Ha.
Alright enough of that.
      We met some firefighters for a check up of the church and they were cool. We rode our bikes out of the city and into the rice fields and I calmed down so much, and realized how much the city stresses me out and tenses me up like a spring. Anyway, if I need to go calm down we can always go proselyte to the farmers. It worked before!
     We had a Zone Blitz and I went back to my bean area, Sakado. Things were mostly the same. Except that it was summer instead of winter and the giant Pachinko(slot machine building) was gone. It's been like over a year and a half since I've been there so something was bound to change. I thought I'd get PTSD going back there but it was actually fine. It wasn't awesome but it was ok.
     We had a District Meeting and the Zone Leaders came down to participate this time. I'm their favorite District Leader. Probably because I'm so fit, and strangely charismatic­čść. Anyway we all learned a lot and we're ready to go out and work hard! So we did and we sweat a lot and got good farmer's tans and learned not to put flyers in our shirt pockets because you just end up getting them a little moist... Point is, we work hard here in Okegawa!
     On Saturday we went to our little piece of Tokyo called Omiya. It was packed with people and I didn't know what to do because usually finding meant looking for where the people are, not just having three thousand people right there. So I struggled but were figuring it out. We just talk to a lot of people and do our best. It's faster paced than I'm used to but it's good.
     On Sunday I got to Skype in to Kisarazu to congratulate a recent convert on their baptism and gift of the Holy Ghost. His name is Aoi-kun and I used to be his primary teacher. That was a log while ago for a kid so when I called it looked a little like he didn't recognize me. I'm still not sure he knows who I am but oh well. The rest of the people knew who I was and it was good to see them. There was Takashi, then Tanda Kyoudai, then I wanted to see the Higashis' baby but they were in a meeting, then Elder Atkinson went and got Yi Shimai and it was just cool to see everybody. Jonivar was not there unfortunately. He was at work? I think. Japan will do that to you sometimes. But seeing at least a few of my best friends was really good after so long. I think it's been like 8 months since I've seen them. There was a bunch of people, bad connection, and screaming happy kids so not much conversation got through but it was still good. Tomorrow is interviews with the Naganos and I'm excited to talk to them. I love my special 10 minutes with them because I always walk away feeling so special. They believe in me and it feels really nice to have someone counting on me. It gives me motivation to not mess it up and let them down so I'm grateful for their high expectations.
     Well th-th-th-th-th-that's all folks!
Elder Rogers

Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm melting!

     So this week was pretty awesome. The Mission fire was turned up hot and we got tanned and found a lot of success. We found a TON of people to teach, and a lot of festivals. Things are looking good. So first off we had Zone Conference and it was great, I think. I was translating so it just went in one ear English and came out my mouth Japanese without too much thought. President Nagano apparently talked about me a little bit but I wasn't paying super close attention because I was just repeating it differently. I don't really know what he said so I can't tell you. I'd like to know too!
     We helped a member move and foolishly went in our regular Sunday clothes. We soaked through those pretty quick because they didn't have AC. So gross. They bought us four pizzas afterwards. We went to a ton of festivals this weekend and it was cool. Today we went to a shrine and then heard people screaming so we thought it was another festival. We went over and it was the High School National Baseball Tournament. So we bought some tickets and went in because who wouldn't right? Elder Rogers

Monday, July 10, 2017

My last area......?

Previously on Missionary 101: Tokyo
   "Elder Rogers, you're going to be transferring to Okegawa."
   "Ooooooohhhhhh!!! *surprised gasps*"
What will this mean for our poor confused hero? Will he sink or swim in the not too big city? Will his companion understand him if he only speaks Japanese? Will this be the final stage in our hero's journey, or is there more yet to come? Find out now!

      So anyway, enough drama. I moved to my new area safely and I'm follow up training Elder Christensen! He's transfer 2 but I didn't get him at transfer 1 so I'm not his real dad. I'm his mission stepdad. I don't speak English to him by the way. Only Japanese. He likes it though. I think. He hasn't said otherwise, in Japanese because that's the only language I speak. Hahahahahah! We had a lot of miracles so far. We housed into a lady that knew the Sister missionaries so she gave us some vegetables. They were delicious. We also ran into a Chinese guy on the street and this time I DID speak Chinese! I didn't even know I could do that! Plus a bunch of other cool stuff that was equally cool but I won't write. Don't want to spoil everything and have nothing left to talk about when I get home. Lol.
      Anyway, I'm super happy to be here, working hard in the oppressive Japanese summer. In pants and a tie. All day. Getting an awesome farmer's tan that I'm actually quite proud of. But seriously, I'm so happy to be out here and happy to be working hard. The harder I work and he more beat I am by the time I get home and pass out on my futon, the bigger my smile is. It sounds weird to a lot of people but it's true. I feel great wearing myself out in the service of others and the service of my God. Nothing has brought me more joy in my life thus far and I love every minute.

Elder Rogers

Monday, July 3, 2017

The cool stepdad

    Transfer Calls came thins morning. We BOTH are transferring. I've only been here for 1 Transfer so I was not expecting that at all. I'm going to go to Okegawa as the District Leader and my new companion is a transfer 2 trainee. That makes me his second trainer so I'm like his stepdad. It's ok, he'll love me. ­čśů
      So the coolest thing that happened this week was a couple called us up saying they had met the missionaries before and wanted to take the lessons. So we went over there and the husband had taken the lessons up to the point where he would've gotten baptized but he couldn't quit smoking so the missionaries dropped him. He had just gotten married a month earlier so no missionaries had ever met his wife. Well she was a good influence on him and together they decided to quit smoking so they could have missionaries over and learn about God to help their life. So they already conquered smoking! Hen we taught the 1st lesson and taught her how to pray and they loved it. The wife read some of the Book of Mormon we gave her and felt the Spirit tell her it was true. She called us the next morning to tell us she knew it was true and wanted to join the church! Isn't that such a miracle?! God really does speak to the hearts of those looking for truth. I know He prepared this couple to hear the gospel and that it will bless their lives so much. They're amazing and I'm excited for the next missionaries to continue working with them.
      I know this gospel is true and that it truly does help all those who accept and act upon its teachings. It has blessed me so much and continues to especially bless me here on a mission. I'm so glad I have this opportunity and look forward to the remaining 4.5 months! Onward in so great a cause!

 Elder Rogers