Monday, May 30, 2016


So I wasn't really sure what to write this week so I just took some
excerpts from my President's Letter.  Enjoy!

       Me and Elder Lee found 2 new sweet spot investigators on
splits. Sadly, neither turned out and didn't meet with us when they
said they would BUT, they both have pamphlets and really seemed
interested, they just might've been shy about coming to church. If
they ever want to talk to us they have our number.
       Elder O'Connor and I have been trying to clean up our Area Book
so we've been visiting lots of former investigators. We went to visit
a former investigator who had a baptismal date from before I was even
an idea. Turns out she's still really interested and would like to
take the lessons again! She lives with her super hantai parents though
so we'll have to work to overcome that.
     We visited a less active member with the Shigematsu Fuufu and she
was so awesome! She had Liahonas on her table and her family prays
together and has FHE every week. She just had a hard work schedule...
that she recently got changed! She can make it to church now and she
came today with her kids! She expects to be able to make it every week
from now on! Awesome miracle! She has a kid that's supposed to be
getting baptized soon too. One of us may be doing that.

That's about it for this week as far as to write home about.  Sorry I
didn't email last week, I will try to come up with more to write about
next week.  Love y'all.

Elder Rogers

Monday, May 16, 2016

New Companion!

So we had transfers and I got a new companion! His name is Elder
O'Connor and he's a really good missionary, he always wants to talk to
everyone. It's awesome. We've worked really hard already and I
expect big things this transfer.
We had a BBQ with the ward and a lot of people came so I
introduced Elder O'Connor to everybody. We visited some less actives
and talked to them about families. We sang some primary hymns and
talked about General Conference and it was just a great visit. The
Shigematsus went with us because they're just super awesome senior
missionaries. We visited some other investigators but they don't seem
as cool as last time. They wanted to just talk to us and not really
listen to the lessons so we might not go back.
We had church and it was ward conference so it was a little
crazy. There were a ton of extra people there as there was even the
Kamagaya Bishop(he's in one of those "I'm a Mormon" messages and thus
he is famous amongst missionaries).
I'm going to keep this email super short and just say that this
week was good. We did a lot of good things and are planning on doing
more. Love you everybody!

Elder Rogers

Monday, May 9, 2016

I have a face for radio

Hey everyone,

     I've got another great week to write about.  So this week we had
a member invite us to be guest speakers on her radio show with her.
She asked us to help her teach some very simple English and try to
inspire the young people of Japan to believe in themselves and be
happy.  So we thought it would be great.  We were super excited.  So
we went there and as were walking in she starts filling us in on some
more of the details.  "You'll be sharing a personal experience that
can motivate others, this will be broadcasted live throughout the
whole city and tonight to the whole world, and the hostess may ask you
some questions, good luck."  All of the sudden we were a little bit
more nervous.  I didn't want to sound like a complete idiot on the
radio for everyone to hear.  But we got to the studio and put on our
headphones and listened to some relaxing music for a little bit and we
calmed down.  The radio show went well and we told some good stories,
although I only told half of my story so that was a little bit of a
bummer.  It was a good story too about overcoming fears and obstacles.
But I think everyone got the point anyway.  In the end they said we
did a good job and invited us to come back again soon and try it
again.  Which actually leads me to another important thing that
happened this week, we got transfer calls!
     The other elders are staying together in this area.  My companion
is transferring to Senzokuike, Tokyo where he will be serving in an
English-speaking branch AND a Japanese-speaking branch.  I'm excited
for him, I actually really want to go to that area sometime.  And as
for me, I am staying here in Ushiku!  My new companion will be the new
District Leader.  Since I'm staying here I'll know the area better
than my new companion and so I'll actually take the lead for most
things for a little while.  Also, since I'm staying here I get to
continue working with the members here and may go on the radio again!
I really like this area and am looking forward to another transfer
here.  Now, back to the rest of the week.
     So we got invited to a Brazilian BBQ with the less active/non
member Brazilians in the area and it was fantastic!  I have never had
a Brazilian BBQ before and believe me, it is the best way to BBQ.
They were all super super nice too.  They let me cook with them, and
help their kids with English, and talk about their lives, etc.  It was
great to have them open up to us because we have been trying to get
together with them all transfer.  We just talked about our experiences
with learning other languages (there was English, Japanese, Spanish,
and Portuguese going on at the same time) and it was really funny
talking about our silly mistakes.  Despite there being a few language
barriers everyone liked everyone by the end of the night.  Even the
mom who could only speak Portuguese (we don't speak Portuguese past a
few words) loved us and wanted us to come back soon.  We had some good
conversations about church and we're hoping to get them to come back
     We also went bowling with the youth and the bishop's son's
family.  It was really fun and I won a game!  Everyone was so genki
(it's like happy and pleasant to be around) and I really got to know
the bishop's son well.  They are amazing!  They are such helpful
people and really took care of the youth and us.  They bought us
BigMacs and Baskin Robbins.  I haven't had a burger in like 6 months
so it was like a little piece of fatty heaven.
     We had Mothers' Day calls!  It was the best to see my family
after so much time away.  They're all a little different than I
remember.  Dallin has a beard now.  Grant's trying to grow a mustache
and his voice is changing.  I didn't recognize Hannah in the pictures
my mom sent.  Scott is a little stud-muffin.  And Mom and Dad are
still some good-lookin' parents.  They teased me about my rice cheeks
and thought it was cool that I'm a radio star now.  My Momma also has
another package waiting for me that she's been holding on to until
after transfer calls.  I don't know what's in it but I'm assuming it's
a lot of snacks and home baked goods.  They think I'm starving or
something.  That or they like my cheeks at the size they are now.  I
love them.
     We had a conference with President Yamashita, he's a general
authority and he's in the Area Presidency.  It was really good and we
all learned a lot.  He told us a story of a sister who set a goal to
get 750 baptisms.  She got 350!  Every week for most of her mission
she got like 13-15 baptisms!  It was crazy.  President Yamashita told
us to raise our vision and have more faith.  If we have faith we can
all do what she did.  I know I want to be able to teach and help that
many people.  So I'm going to try to follow his counsel and go out and
find those who are waiting for me.  Baptize all the people in Japan!
     On Saturday we played Basketball with a less active and his son
and invited them to come to church with us and read the scriptures
together.  They're an awesome family and I have really high hopes for
them.  I want to see the dad be reactivated and his family getting the
blessings of the gospel.
     That's about all I've got for this week, I love all of you guys
and hope your days are bright and cheery.  Remember you can make the
path-way bright, fill the soul with heav-en's light, if there's
sun-shine in your heeeeaart.  :)

Elder Rogers
Brazilian BBQ

Bowling scores-Mine is the 4th one down. (The winner)

The guys we played basketball with and shared a message.

Mothers' Day Call

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Radio Station

To the parents of Elder King and Elder Rogers;
Hi! I am Sister Tobe in Ushiku ward. Your sons are serving here in our ward and we love them so dearly. I have a ...30 minutes program on radio every week and they talked in it today. The theme of this program is "Encouragement". And they talked about how their parents encouraged them when they were young. We were impressed! You will hear some part in English. Here's the recording of it and I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for sending such great servants of the Lord. I know how proud you are and so are we!!
今日の放送 Today's Recording


Monday, May 2, 2016

Mother's Day calls are next week! That and Transfer Calls.‏

Herro everybody,

So this week was pretty good.  We met a few new people with a lot of
potential.  There is a guy who works for a non-profit organization and
is always super busy, but we can meet him at night sometimes and he's
very interested.  Sister Tobe is awesome and when we have to go home
she keeps talking to them and has had really good conversations with
them.  Actually they're a lot more like lessons because she's just so
awesome.  I also met a skateboard shop owner who has been to church
before and he wants to come back sometime.  So we're really excited
for that.  Other than that we've had some meal appointments with some
members that have gone really well.  They've invited all four elders
and there have been investigators there and lessons and everything
just works out great.  We had fast Sunday and it was awesome.  To
break our fast we went to a member's house and it was just a great
experience.  The dad usually has a resting face that looks like he
hates everyone around him but while we were there he was actually
smiling!  I thought his face might crack!  It was awesome.  Tonight we
had a party with our Brazilian friend Jose and his posse for his
birthday.  We are really excited for that.  Next week is transfer
calls so I may or may not be staying here.  I hope I do stay because I
really like it here.  We also have Mothers Day Calls home, that is
something I'm really really really looking forward to as well.  I can
Skype my family for 40 minutes!  And I will have been out here for 1/4
of my mission!  Time sure flies.
Love you all

Elder Rogers