Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Missions are fun!

This week was nice. I felt pretty good this week. First off I went to college and just walked around talking to kids. I can't proselyte on campus because that's illegal and I don't like jail cells but there's no problem with me talking to kids. So I just walked around and talked to kids, made friends, traded phone numbers etc. and got invited to play basketball and stuff with them. It was nice. We do that and then invite them to our activities like English class and church and then help them become Investigators. It's so much easier than you'd think. You just have to be reasonably likable. We also went to this awesome Okinawa style park because the weather was nice and we figured young families would be there to talk to. Apparently it's just like the best date spot here because all those young families weren't even started yet, it was just a bunch of twenty-sumthin'-year-old couples. But, while we there we had a good idea for Zone P-day. There's room for all sorts of sports and even a BBQ pit so we'd just spend a nice day there with all the YSAs and youth. Pretty good idea, huh? The next day we went to a conference for Elder Choi. He gave the talk, "Don't look around, Look up!" in General Conference. He talked to us a lot about having more faith and talking to more people. He also talked about singing a lot and then getting married. Our leaders like to do that because they know we haven't talked to girls in who even knows how long. Anyway, after that got over we hit the streets and talked to everybody. Every man that is. We talked to everyone on the street, waiting in the train station, inside the train, on our bikes home, at restaurants where we eat, everyone. That made me feel really happy because I knew I had done the very best I could and if there was anyone ready to hear the gospel, I had definitely talked to them. So no regrets. I recommitted myself to make every day like that until the end. We had splits and I took Elder Culverwell, the bean-chan, with me to the samurai dojo. He had a great time. Then we had a volleyball activity after that so it was all fun proselyting with him. On Sunday we invited all the YSAs to come to dinner with us at the church and we'd feed them then teach them English and share a spiritual message. It was like extended family home evening. I miss that a lot and my family better be ready when I get back because that is so happening! It was way fun and everybody is excited for next week. Elder Rogers

Monday, April 17, 2017

Still in Takasaki

Last week for P-day we decided to bike up a mountain in our area for fun. It was a beautiful Spring day and we thought it would take 2 hours to reach the top. We rode our bikes for an hour to reach the foot of the mountain and then started up as it gradually got steeper. We had to change gears to as low as it would go and still had trouble getting up the mountain. Eventually we got off of our bikes and started pushing our way up the mountain. Covered in sweat, we decided to check how much further we had to go. It didn't look good. We still had 6kms to go, uphill. We decided to go until the top and not regret turning back. What was once a warm pleasant day gradually turned back into winter as we noticed snow and could see our breath. That didn't stop us, nor did the signs that said to beware of bears, we were determined to reach the summit no matter the cost. It sucked! We were freezing our butts of and our legs were shaking they were so tired. But, we made it to the top! There was nothing cool there it turns out and all we really got was bragging rights of saying we did it. At least we weren't quitters. We sent off our transferring missionaries and all made it safely to their new areas. We had 4 missionaries come in straight from the MTC and its exciting, to work with them. Elder Ito had a big, buff, baby boy that he brought home who also likes wrestling. We don't wrestle as missionaries but I thought it was cool. We went and hung out with the samurais again and cut stuff, including my finger, off! Nah, just kidding. I did cut myself though. I turned my brain off for a second and must've unconsciously wondered how sharp a samurai sword is because I touched it. Instant cut right at contact. That thing was way sharp! I didn't even feel it, it just slid through with zero resistance! Anyway, it's a tiny little thing that a band aid fixed right up but I learned that I need to be less curious and more careful. The samurai we gave a Book of Mormon to has read some of it and likes it! It's pretty cool to work with him. We found a kid on the street who looked lost and helped him out, then traded contact info. We called him up later and had dinner and told him about our English class. He came to that class and met members that we had invited and became friends with them. They left together and thus the progression towards baptism begins. It's only a matter of time now. Anyway, we're excited for how this is going to turn out. That's about it for this week! Love you all, stay safe!
Elder Rogers

Easter tie (we handed out all the eggs and candy my Momma sent me to the members and kids on the street)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Transfer 12/15.5

We had Transfer Calls and I'm staying in Takasaki! We had Zone Pday on Monday and it was way fun. We went to an English class to observe teaching styles and then got lunch with the Atheist teacher afterwards. General Conference was way good. I learned a lot and was grateful I got to watch it. A crazy lady walked into the church for the last five minutes of conference and everyone let me talk to her for an hour until I finally got her to leave. Really guys? And then we have today. Today was a beautiful spring day so we put in our exercise clothes and rode up a mountain. It took four hours and ended up being winter at the top. There was snow and it was cold. Not a great decision but we survived. Elder Rogers

Monday, April 3, 2017

This week was fun

We went to Tokyo on Tuesday for splits with the Assistants and then had to go on splits with another companionship so we didn't make it home until Saturday. No time! Just pictures! Sorry! Elder Rogers