Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm melting!

     So this week was pretty awesome. The Mission fire was turned up hot and we got tanned and found a lot of success. We found a TON of people to teach, and a lot of festivals. Things are looking good. So first off we had Zone Conference and it was great, I think. I was translating so it just went in one ear English and came out my mouth Japanese without too much thought. President Nagano apparently talked about me a little bit but I wasn't paying super close attention because I was just repeating it differently. I don't really know what he said so I can't tell you. I'd like to know too!
     We helped a member move and foolishly went in our regular Sunday clothes. We soaked through those pretty quick because they didn't have AC. So gross. They bought us four pizzas afterwards. We went to a ton of festivals this weekend and it was cool. Today we went to a shrine and then heard people screaming so we thought it was another festival. We went over and it was the High School National Baseball Tournament. So we bought some tickets and went in because who wouldn't right? Elder Rogers

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